Indian Head Massage in Surbiton

Indian head massage is a wonderful, relaxing treatment which is performed clothed and seated on a massage chair. Deep massage is applied to the shoulders, arms, neck, head & face to ease away tensions & stress in the muscles. It also moves blocked energy at various acupressure points and meridians in the body, which induces a deep sense of tranquillity and calm.

The benefits of Indian Head massage  – It helps to improve circulation, therefore with the fresh blood circulating more easily it can remove the toxins in the body more efficiently. This is incredibly beneficial for healthy skin, hair and any scalp conditions.

Other health benefits range from an improvement in concentration levels, sinus problems, a reduction of frequent tension headaches & migraines or eye strain, a reduction of neck, back and shoulder pains.

The calm induced during the massage also helps to ease away the stresses stored in the mind, which can help improve interactions with other people, anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

Indian Head Massage is more than just a massage, it is a ‘holistic therapy’ and so, it is a treatment that addresses the impact of any stress in one’s life, which has a ripple effect on the person as a ‘whole’. When you feel more centred and calm, this sends positive messages to the cells in your body, which in turn responds back positively with good health, making you more resilient to illness and more able to cope with work or family stresses and various situations in life, much better!

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