Reiki in Surbiton

Reiki is a form of energy healing which is performed clothed on a massage couch or seated. It is a blissful and calming treatment which helps to improve the energy flow within the body and restore balance. Reiki means ‘universal life energy’ and this is channelled through the practitioner to the recipient, to harmonize the body by unblocking and moving the flow of energy to the 7 main chakras of the body. The chakras are energy points within the body which relate to specific body organs and emotional states. When these energy centres are blocked, it can manifest as physical or emotional imbalances.

Benefits of Reiki: Therefore many conditions such as digestive problems, respiratory problems and hormonal imbalances can be improved and in particular emotional conditions such as depression and anxiety can benefit from the energy healing.

I have worked with many clients using reiki over many months and years and the improvement from the initial session has been quite dramatic and always so rewarding! I provide you with a safe and warm place to work through anything that comes up during the sessions and it is a very healing and beautiful journey. I absolutely love reiki and I receive a treatment myself every time I channel the energy to my clients, so it is a happy bonus for me as a Practitioner!

Do come and try it out for yourself! It is so blissful and most of my clients fall asleep and wake up energised!

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