Regent Palace Hotel - logoSo-Mei has provided a Complementary Therapist Service to our staff at the Regent Palace Hotel since January 2006. She has been a delight to work with. So-Mei has always been on time and provided her service to a very high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending So-Mei to future clients.
Vicki Nagle, Human Resources Manager, Piccadilly Circus.


courtauld logo 2“I have received the Indian head massage, Reflexology and Reiki all of which were extremely beneficial and relaxing. I was not convinced by Reiki until So-Mei practiced it on me and my whole body felt immediately better and lighter.

The reflexology was another wonderful experience where I received all these treatments during my lunch hour! I thoroughly recommend So-Mei as she has annate ability to heal without any invasive treatments”. Pia Maria, Arts Manager, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand.


Indian Head Massage to reduce stress and relax:
“I have had a number of Indian Head massages from So-Mei over eighteen months. Although these were done at the place where I work, she is a really relaxing therapist to receive treatment from. She naturally makes people feel at ease and right from the initial treatment I felt safe going into my own personal space in her presence.

The massages left me feeling light, de-stressed and peaceful within myself. I was less susceptible to the stresses of work after them. They always ensured a good night’s sleep afterwards too! I would definitely recommend anyone to enjoy So-Mei’s treatments”
Joanne B, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand.


tricky(1)“Whenever my friends and family need to ‘recharge’ I recommend that they connect with So Mei. I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy her reflexology treatments at home; the invigorating sessions left me feeling fresh and revitalized.

So Mei’s passion for Reiki and intuitive awareness of energy levels is amazing. It feels like a little piece of So Mei’s conscientious, kind-hearted and positive energy ‘brushes off’ on me every time we meet”.
Richard Bassett, Managing Director – Tricky Business Ltd, Interactive Design Studio


To So-Mei’s Future Clients: I met So-Mei when I was looking for a therapist to work with our staff to reward them for their hard work. I had a test session, where I sampled all of her therapies. They were absolutely wonderful and I felt like a new woman afterwards. People who saw me that day (I was at work) ask why my eyes were so sparkly and said I was glowing.

So-Mei’s manner is gentle and attentive. She was very punctual on both occasions and arrived and set up in lots of time. So-Mei took a careful case history and has excellent listening skills. The people at our staff day absolutely loved her work. She was very popular and barely had time to eat!

I would have no reservations at all in recommending So-Mei and potential clients are welcome to call me.
Julie Hagarty – CEO of EnhanceAble, Surbiton, Kingston Upon Thames.


Reflexology, reiki and auricular reflexology balls for back pain and stress:
“I have been getting really bad lower back pain and was a bit sceptical about alternative treatment, and decided to give it a try.

To my amazement the treatment worked and I felt better. I have had reflexology which helped me to relax during a busy and stressful couple of months. Since then I have Reiki, and Auricular Reflexology.

So-Mei is warm and friendly and the passion to help others is evident, she is extremely professional and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to de-stress”.
Simon, IT Business Analyst


Reflexology to reduce stress – induce calm and a relaxed and revived state of being:
The reflexology treatment was undertaken in the therapist’s clinic. The treatment was, without exception, the best I’ve ever had. Full attention was paid to the task in hand and the treatment was undertaken with utter precision and professionalism. Such was the quality of the procedure I was moved into an alternate state.

Following the treatment, I felt utterly calm, relaxed and revived, like a breath of the freshest air. I’d have no hesitation in recommending So-Mei, it’s something everyone must experience. Beautiful.
Jamie, Company Director – C. Publishing


Reflexology for relaxation and improved sleep!
“I have attended six reflexology sessions with So-Mei, each lasting approximately an hour and a half. During the first visit, I was given a consultation to assess my suitability for the treatments, detailing issues such as my general level of fitness, water intake and family health history.

A very clean and tidy environment, conducive to relaxation was set up whilst the background music and dimmed lighting helped create an  ambient atmosphere.

From the first visit to the most recent, I have always felt extremely comfortable in So-Mei’s competence, both as a host and a therapist. She is always happy and enthusiastic in answering my general questions and also very attentive and reassuring in her technique. Some of the sessions have been preceded by a few breathing exercises to aid relaxation.

She is knowledgeable and confident enough to tailor each session to problems I have been experiencing at the time. I have also found that my quality and duration of unbroken night-time sleep is improved in the days following reflexology.

I can wholeheartedly recommend So-Mei for anyone with an open mind to holistic therapy. Whether seeking relief from a specific ailment or simply a period of relaxation and self-indulgence, So-Mei provides the perfect personal service”.
R. Dunkley, Technical Consultant


Reflexology Gift Vouchers:
“I enjoyed several sessions of Reflexology thanks to a gift voucher from relatives. They took place at the clinic which was very central and easy to find. The environment was professional and the therapy room had been prepared with soft lighting and scented candles in order to produce a very relaxing atmosphere so I immediately started to unwind.

I felt very comfortable with So-Mei who was attentive to my needs and told me about the therapy and what sensations or reactions might result from the treatment. I filled out a brief medical questionnaire and then lay back to enjoy the session.

Afterwards I felt light and carefree as if a weight had been lifted from my body. It was one of the most pleasant sensations I have ever felt. I would certainly recommend it to friends and even booked a session for my partner as a valentine’s present”.
Mrs. J Davy, Information Assistant, University of Westminster.


Regular Reflexology and Indian Head Massage to maintain health:
“I have seen So-Mei regularly for Indian Head massage and Reflexology she is an excellent therapist in both. Completely in tune with her treatments I can’t recommend her enough”.
Aaron Surtees, CityHypnosis Ltd – Hypnotist


Reflexology for inner calm:
“So-Mei is gifted at the art of Reflexology, her skills helped me find a place of inner calm in a busy world”
Steve B. IT Consultant


Reflexology, reiki, auricular reflexology for back pain and healing:
“I had a very positive experience during and following my reflexology and reiki treatment with So-Mei, not only in that my physical symptoms (lower back pain) eased over the next few days but in also changing my attitude about subtle healing techniques and their effects. The treatment took place in a private room with gentle music playing in the background and lasted about an hour. I felt wonderfully calm and comfortable.

Prior to the treatment I found So-Mei to be sensitive and considerate as we discussed my problem and general health. In fact, it all felt like part of the therapeutic experience. Afterwards she gave me an information sheet detailing what changes I might notice about my health in the near future and also how to look after myself. It was very professional. She also gave me instructions on how to use the acupressure balls.

In the following days my back felt flexible and without the discomfort that I had felt (and become used to) for years – I was quite astonished! The relief lasted a few days but the experience somehow empowered me to learn more and begin the process of discovering the root cause of my problem, which has taken me on a remarkable journey that has benefited many areas of my life. I would certainly recommend anyone to receive healing treatments from So-Mei”.
Joe, Draughtsman, Musician


Auricular Reflexology for back pain: 
“I have muscular problems in my back, which often restricts movement and at times causes considerable discomfort. So-Mei advised acupressure balls as pain-relief.

I have had reflexology in the past for other problems and she explained that the human ear is similar to the feet in so much as pressure applied to the appropriate parts of the ear can relieve pain in various parts of the body. I must admit to being a little sceptical as I tend to rely on more ‘conventional’ medical advice but was willing to give it a try.

So-Mei located a point behind each of my ears and applied adhesive metal balls which are very small and can’t be seen easily by other people. She applied them in the evening and told me I would feel more comfortable the next day, she also provided me with some spares which I could then apply myself after about three days.

I have to say that they really did work! The next day I found that the discomfort had been drastically reduced and I found movement a great deal easier. After three days I removed the balls and on So-Mei’s advice gave myself a day or two ‘off’ before reapplying them.

During the two interim days I continued to feel a much reduced level of pain and was able to keep it at bay for quite some time using the acupressure balls in conjunction with regular trips to the swimming pool.

I found that I was able to increase the flexibility of my back through swimming (GP’s advice) while the acupressure balls (So-Mei’s advice) allowed me to keep up a rigorous exercise regime which had not been easy at first because of the discomfort in my back.

So-Mei’s treatment complemented the exercise prescribed by my doctor perfectly and I would recommend her skills to anyone with a similar condition”.
Finlay Britton, Teacher