Reiki in Surbiton

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy which is performed clothed on a massage couch or seated. It is a wonderfully blissful, calming treatment which helps to improve the energy flow within the body and restore balance. It is a form of energy healing which uses the ‘universal life energy’ and channelled through the practitioner to the recipient, to harmonize the body by unblocking and moving the flow of energy to the 7 main chakras of the body. The chakras are energy points within the body which relate to specific body organs and emotional states. When these energy centres are blocked, it can manifest as physical or emotional imbalances.

Benefits of Reiki: Therefore many conditions such digestive problems, respiratory problems and hormonal imbalances can be improved and in particular emotional conditions such as depression and anxiety can benefit from the energy healing.

I have worked with many clients using reiki over many months and years and the improvement from the initial session has been quite dramatic and always so rewarding! I provide you with a safe and warm place to work through anything that comes up during the sessions and it is a very healing and beautiful journey. I absolutely love reiki and I receive a treatment myself every time I channel the energy to my clients, so it is a happy bonus for me as a Practitioner!

Do come and try it out for yourself! It is so blissful and most of my clients fall asleep and wake up energised!

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Reiki and Cancer: 

I have solid experience of working with clients with cancer and have found that reiki complements cancer treatment very well.

Reiki can work wonders to still the mind and improve the energy flow which can help the person to stay centred and positive which will assist the body to heal and cope better. It can be quite a stressful time for people going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and coming to terms with cancer and so it can really help to calm the mind, giving the person a safe place to process the mixed emotions and worries as well as time to rest.

This is very important during cancer treatment, as it can sometimes feel like quite an invasive process in hospital. Treatments can also be combined with reflexology, which can help with the physical side effects of the medications as well help to boost the body’s immune system and keep it stronger to allow the healing to take place.

I have worked with many clients going through cancer treatment and have seen the benefits of reiki and reflexology. I have walked beside them on their journey and have warmly supported them through the process and after as well with positive results.